Brown Family

To all the staff at Briton House, particularly the 7th care workers and all of the nurses.  Thank you so much for all of your supportive and loving care for our mother. Mum wasn’t at Briton House long and was only on the 7th floor for about two months.  The staff at Briton House learned all of Mum’s foibles and expressions and could still communicate with her long after she could no longer speak.  We felt that they could see through her illness to the healthy, vibrant, loving and feisty woman she’d been for the majority of her life.  It was comforting for us that she was treated as a person and not as an illness.

In her last week, we felt such tremendous respect for her and her choice of death, and we will be forever thankful that we could be with her. Staff was very helpful, accepting and gracious.  They often visited Mum, while they were on and off shift, to check on her, to wish her well, and to offer their support.  We all felt this was a strong tribute to the quality of our mother’s personality.

…The whole family felt so at ease knowing that the whole staff understood the concept of a dignified end and went to great lengths to see that it was realized.